Mind control technology is a reality and endangers everyone on this planet!

Psychotronics - Synthetic Telepathy - Electronic Telekinesis - Remote Mind Control


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Hoodoo Voodoo

Book Series Description

   The fourth book titled “Hoodoo Voodoo” (volume IV) in the Spirit-Realm Series by Scott E. Hensler has selected chapters from “Second Heaven Invasion”. This condensed version provides quick reference for particular needs by pastors, evangelist and missionaries. This is the book to take with you into jungle villages, or our city streets that are under demonic control.

   This book will guide you through the pulling down of strongholds and setting people free. Including yourself!

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Second Heaven Invasion

Stop, learn, counter and destroy demonic opposition!

Now available on Amazon Kindle!


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Finally the long awaited book to answer all the questions concerning the supernatural for Christians and non-Christians!

Author Scott Hensler has put decades of information together revealing what demons, monsters and spirits really are and how to get rid of them! He also shows the connection of today's issues worldwide in relation to the end-times. Now you will truly find out what is going on in our government, churches and even right in your own home!

BPD or Jezebel

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) or the Jezebel spirit?

Just when you thought everything was Okay!

   What is really behind this terrible life changing for all that are involved mental disorders. This personality disorder affects marriages, the workplace and even the Christian churches today in sometimes life threatening ways. Witchcraft is always the prime basis of personality disorders when divination runs through a family bloodline.



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Audio MP3 file of Scott Hensler describing BPD spiritual infection

Author - Scott E. Hensler

Get it at Amazon Kindle or contact Scott Hensler for a PDF copy

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Glen Boulier “Witnessing Bigfoot”

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Karen Rogers  “Racing With My Shadow”

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Autobiography about the personal and professional life of one of the first successful female jockey as well as understand the pain and despair of a dysfunctional childhood.