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Software Defined Radio (SDR) is sweeping the consumer market that essentially is a computer based radio scanner. This device is not new. However, because of competition, low chines manufacturing cost and the popularity of being able to listen to everything from police, fire and even military has opened up a whole new market. Unfortunately, those who would use such a device not for entertainment, but of devious opportunity also have access to these low cost radio receivers. Not only on some models can you receive large portions of the radio spectrum, you can also transmit radio signals from low band to microwave. This means for those who would use this device in criminal ways now have an unlimited means of digital, analog hacking via radio waves not known before. This also means everything from unlocking or decoding garage door openers and your car doors as well. Even hacking into your cell phones at a click of the mouse by the a non techy. Since this dongle device is software driven. New open source software is being made available to these criminals and gang stalkers each day for free on the Internet. That now means everyone from irate neighbors to disgruntle ex-spouse can take your life to a new level of hell not possible a few years ago. Not to mention taking gang stalking to a whole new level as well by anyone!

Show link on the subject: BlogtalkRadio - Tin Foil Hat Club 09/02/2017

Examples of Dongle SDR devices available for monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum via your computer, smartphone, Windows tablets, Macintosh's or iPhones. Some more expensive models will transmit as well as receive.

A must watch example of just what these devices can do in the wrong hands

Hacks examples

Below are just a few examples of what is available:

RTL-SDR.com  Note: One of the more popular and recognized SDR’s on the market at low cost. Receive only.

www.RTL-SDR.com    Their store   On Amazon


SDRPlay.com   Note: One of the more popular full radio spectrum devices used by amateur radio operator (HAM). Receive only.



Great Scott Gadgets.com

www.GreatScottGadgets.com    Note: This device is one that should bring concerns to all of us. This device does transmit. See video example below.   On Amazon

Example of hacking a locked car door with this device


Open Source free software to operate these SDR’s

AirSpy SDR Sharp free software


A list of other SDR software available

SDR.jpg RSP1-1.png h1-preliminary1-445.jpeg