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Tin Foil Hat Club.com - All Rights Reserved - Copyright 2017 - Scott Hensler Network, LLC Published


Scott Hensler Network will be donating a full weather monitoring station to be mounted on existing Bureau of Land Management (BLM) mountaintop site (shack) currently available to Eric Dollard through BLM agreement to make use of public lands.   -pictured-

The BLM requires Eric Dollard in order to maintain this mountaintop site (shack) to install equipment such as communication, weather monitoring and alike. This reason is to show participation and relations between BLM and the public. Communication equipment will be installed the second phase due to the higher cost compared to weather monitoring station.

This weather monitoring station to be installed will run 24/7, 365 days a year. This weather station will monitor and record temperature, humidity, dewpoint, wind-speed, wind direction, lightening detection and rain fall.

This weather monitoring station via amature radio known as APRS on VHF 144.390 MHz will make this data available publicly to any amature radio operator with APRS monitoring capabilities.

This data will also be available online to the public via computer or cell phone. This data will also be available through the NOAA Weather and other online weather monitoring services for public use.

The mountaintop structure made available to Eric Dollard will in the second phase house full repeater equipment for emergency communications during natural disasters.

All design and pre-build including install will be by Scott Hensler to be donated to Eric Dollard and his experiments dedicated to early warning earthquake detection.

Any donations for the weather monitoring station project has no relation to EPD Laboratory, Inc. This project is solely by Scott Hensler and Scott Hensler Network, LLC. All donation to this project will be through Scott Hensler Network to cover the cost of the remaining materials needed, and cost of install.

Thank for any financial support for this project.

Scott Hensler of Scott Hensler Network, LLC

First stage complete of shack located on Television Hill area 52: Saturday May 12, 2018. Pictures below are from May 9th thru the 12th.

Removing of rat infestation, restoration from vandalism and general cleanup. Floor install, door install and first stage equipment instillation. Equipment included solar panel, deep cycle battery and charger. Alert monitoring equipment included: Weather monitor and APRS/TNC (telemetry support) computer interface to armature radio 2-meter transceiver. Cabinet weather and dust proof for reliability.

Next stage will include finishing of interior and outside painting with sealing of roof with metal covering.

As you will see from the pictures below the task was difficult and extreme under desert condition with high winds.

The two other volunteers Steve and Riggs made this possible by their expertise and devotion to the project!

Those that have supported I want to thank you for your contributions… without you this would not be possible.


In thirty days I hopefully will return to finish this project. Any continued support for the second stage will mean the ability to finalize the much needed weather readings that will assist in the earthquake seismic early warning detection system; in time will be made available to others around the world. Scott Hensler




Google aerial shot. Area 52 where restored shack is located

Old microwave TV antenna structure once supported by restored shack no longer used. Now only a remnant of the past from the 60’s

Phase two Complete.

See below: 06/19/2018

Thank you for your support!

0617181859b.jpg 0617181946e.jpg 0617181858e.jpg 0617181947b.jpg

Site now consist of a 2 meter amateur radio simplex repeater and APRS weather remote monitoring station also on 2 meters amateur radio. All completely powered by solar and deep cycle battery.

Click on link to remote weather monitor on Television Hill, Area 52 - Tonopah, NV - Go to