Mind control technology is a reality and endangers everyone on this planet!

Psychotronics - Synthetic Telepathy - Electronic Telekinesis - Remote Mind Control



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Psychotronics and mind control click to listen

Aired on BlogTalkRadio.

The Scott Hensler Network show

Note: At the beginning of the radio show is a short audio clip of the spirit realm captured!

  I first discovered phychotronics when I was trying to deliver a young woman of schizophrenia demons in 2010. Even after casting out several demons from her she was still plagued with hearing voices night and day. It was not until 2011 I realized what was happening to her. She had some history in her family of military involvement. This seems to be common among those who are targeted individuals. Sadly I lost contact with her before I discovered this technology and that she most likely was a victim of it and may still be targeted to this day.

   Today I see this more and more now that I know what to look for. Not only are the targeted individuals hearing voices, but also having strange body and sexual experiences uncontrollably. Most cannot work or hold on to any meaningful relationships. If this sounds like you and your are not familiar with this technology, note it is now at an epidemic level and you most likely are a victim of it.

   Just remember you are not crazy and you are not alone. Tens of thousands now are dealing with these same issues. The DSM-5 has been written to cover up these symptoms explaining them away as different mental disorders. With the victims to only be placed on medication and never finding relief.

  The audio link above to my show that aired in July of 2016 will bring you up to speed on this technology and the dangers that lay ahead for all of us!